lancaster farm’s fall veggies!


We love lancaster farm fresh cooperative, their group of family farms produce the most awesome fall veggies!

We are proud to use local products and their organic vegetables are some of our favorites!

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local dairy products!


We could not agree  more with the statement from 5 Spoke Creamery:

“Great cheese starts with great milk. And the best milk is the raw milk from cows that are pastured and free to roam, picking and choosing from a variety of grasses, herbs, flowers and weeds. The raw milk of grass-fed cows has a depth of flavor, or terroir, which cannot be duplicated.”

We are proud to use local products and their cheeses are some of our favorites!



local produce!

Eet is proud to bring you local seasonal produce. Our kale comes from Satur Farms on Long Island. Kale is one of many of our ingredients that we always buy organic, some of the other items are spinach, potatoes, cucumbers, nectarines, strawberries + snap peas to just mention a few.



create your own salad on line!

Make your salad wait for you by ordering it online. You can now create your own salad using our on-line ordering.

Create your own salad on-line


Nounos Yogurt

Nounos is one of the finalists in Martha Stewart’s 2015 “American Made” contest. We are hooked and their seasonal pumpkin spice yogurt is amazing. #eetlocalnounos